Korean Lessons Costs

Unlike many other Skype language services, the Live Lingua Korean School has no hidden fees! The only thing you pay is what you see on this page. No registration fees and no costs for extra material. We also offer you 100% flexibility in your Korean classes. We have tutors available 24x7 and you can buy as many or as few hours of tutoring from us as you want. No minimum and no maximum.


Whether you want to learn Korean for business or pleasure, our Standard Skype Korean lessons can help you reach your goal. Our customized curriculum & flexible hours with your tutor make this our most popular Korean package. Our professional tutors and full-time staff look forward to working with you to make your dream of learning Korean come true.

(Costs Per Hour*)

* All prices are in U.S. dollars and are for per hour purchased. To qualify for the discount price, the hours must be purchased together. They are not cumulative. For group classes each additional student pays 50% of the first students cost.

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Why Is Live Lingua So Affordable?

We are a family business and proud of it! Unlike many of our competitors we don't rent large offices buildings, hire unnecessary staff or have to pay back any investors. All those savings get passed on to you!

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