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The DLI - Czech Language Course - Tank Troops material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Czech tutor.

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Czech Tank Troops - Tape 01 - Lessons 01-02 CTT, M

Czech Tank Troops - Tape 02 - Lessons 03-04 COS, CWE

Czech Tank Troops - Tape 03 - Lessons 05 CWE-2

Czech Tank Troops - Tape 04 - Lessons 06 CWE-3, LCE

Czech Tank Troops - Tape 05 - Lessons 07-08 LWA, LF

Czech Tank Troops - Tape 06 - Lessons 09 TT-1

Czech Tank Troops - Tape 07 - Lessons 10 TT-2

Defense Language Institute Czech  - Image The Czech Professional Development Program Extension Course (PDPEC) on Czechoslovak Tank Troops is designed to improve the Czech language skills of U.S. military personnel. Emphasis is placed on proper tactical interrogation questioning techniques. The course is designed to be self-instructional and self-paced, although it is equally suitable for classrook use.

The course has two objectives:
- to reinforce and to improve skills in comprehending, speak-ing, and reading the Czech language, with an emphasis on military terminology and concepts.
- to develop the ability to use Czech to obtain information of tactical value in military operations. There are seven modules (10 lessons) in the Czech PD Extension Course on Czechoslovak Tank Troops. CWE-Module consists of three lessons: Lesson CWE-1, Lesson CWE-2, and Lesson CWE-3, L-CE. TT-Module consists of two lessons: Lesson TT-1 and Lesson TT-2. Each of the 10 lessons is based on a narrative and a seg-ment of a simulated interrogation of a Czechoslovak tank troops NCO captured by U.S. forces in a fictitious armed conflict in Europe.

This fictitious NCO, Master Sergeant Josef gimek, is a dissi dent in deep conflict with the nolitical situation in Czechoslovakia. He also disagrees with the Soviet Union's domineering policies dictating the stand Czechoslovakia is to take on economic, political, and military matters. MSG gimek has been characterize like this solely to maintain an ongoing dialog for the purpose of language instruction and is, therefore, totally cooperative.

Modules, consisting of one or more lessons, provide the es-sential division of topics presented in the Czechoslovak Tank Troops Course. Modules are independent units of instruction which allow the student to choose the order in which he wants to study these topics.

Modules are designated by letter codes indicating phases of interrogations. The codes are listed on page four. All module designations are shown on the course map on page five of this manual.

Each lesson of the Czechoslovak Tank Troops Course consists of a printed booklet and one cassette tape recording. The book-let is printed in English and in Czech. The recording is narrated in English, with Czech portions recorded by native speakers. Printed and recorded materials are designed to be used together.

Czech, formerly known as Bohemian, is a West Slavic language spoken by over 10 million people. It is the official language in the Czech Republic (where most of its speakers live), and has minority language status in Slovakia. Czech's closest relative is Slovak, with which it is mutually intelligible. It is closely related to other West Slavic languages, such as Silesian and Polish, and more distantly to East Slavic languages such as Russian. Although most Czech vocabulary is based on shared roots with Slavic and other Indo-European languages, many loanwords (most associated with high culture) have been adopted in recent years.

Czech is spoken in: Czech Republic

Czech is also called: Bohemian

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