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Foreign Service Institute Testing  - Image With an ever-increasing demand for multi-lingual Americans to fill business, government, and academic positions both at home and abroad, a need has developed for a meaningful and efficient way to describe proficiency in a foreign language. Such terms as 'good," "fluent," or "bi-lingual," whether applied by teachers or supervisors to the competence of their students or employees or used as self-appraisal designations, have proved to be vague, un-measurable, and open to many interpretations.

Since 1956 the Foreign Service Institute of the Department of State has been rating Government employees on a simple numeri-cal scale which succinctly describes speaking and reading profi-ciency in a foreign language. This scale has become so widely known and well understood that statements like, "The Consul has an S-2 R-3 in Thai," or "That position requires someone with S-4 R-4 in French" are immediately intelligible within meaningful limits of accuracy to everyone concerned with personnel assignments in the numerous Government agencies who use the FSI testing facilities.

The usefulness of the system is based on careful and detailed definition in both linguistic and functional terms of each point on the scale.

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