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US Peace Corps Arabic (Chadian) - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This intensive Chadian Arabic course is designed to teach students to understand and speak Chad Arabic. The course is intend to be covered in approximately 360 hours in the classroom and the language laboratory with the assistance of a teacher. About 90 hours should be occupied with the pre-speech-phase, which emphasizes passive recognition rather than active, production. This phase consists of 60 lesson's and seven tests.

The remaining time is occupied by the active phases which puts more emphasis on speaking the language. It consists of 40 lessons which are supplemented by audio materials to be used for personal practice. The typical lesson in phase II, includes a dialogue, vocabulary, grammar, and exercises. The subjects of the dialogues are (1) Greetings; (2)Directions; (3) New Arrival; (4) The Family; (5) Getting Around; (6) Telling time;(7) Holidays; (8)The Carpenter;(9) The Doctor;(10)The Market; (11) Departure; (12) The Weather; and (13) The Movies. A phonetic alphabet has been adapted to transcribe Arabic utterances.

Chad: 1966-1979, 1987-1990, 1990-1998, 2003-2006; Currently Inactive

Currently Inactive

Chadian Arabic is one of the regional colloquial Arabic languages. (The term "Shuwa Arabic", found in 20th-century Western linguistic scholarship, properly refers only to the Nigerian dialects of this particular language, and even then, "Shuwa" is not used by those speakers themselves.) It is the mother tongue for over one million people, including town dwellers and nomadic cattle herders. The majority of its speakers live in southern Chad. Its range is an east-to-west oval in the Sahel, about 1400 miles long (12 to 20 degrees east longitude) by 300 miles north-to-south (between 10 and 14 degrees north latitude). Nearly all of this territory is in the two countries of Chad and Sudan. It is also spoken elsewhere in the vicinity of Lake Chad in the countries of Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger. Finally, it is spoken in slivers of the Central African Republic and South Sudan. In addition, this language serves as a lingua franca in much of the region. In most of its range, it is one of several local languages and often not among the major ones?

Arabic (Chadian) is spoken in: Chad

Arabic (Chadian) is also called: Arabe Choa, Arabic, Chadian Spoken, Arabic, Shuwa, Chad Arabic, Chadian Arabic, Chadian Spoken Arabic, Chadic Arabic, Choa, Chowa, L'arabe du Tchad, Shoa, Shoa Arabic, Shua, Shua Arabic, Shuwa, Shuwa Arabic, Suwa

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