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US Peace Corps Bassar  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This Peace Corps Bassar language coruse is competency based and contains useful expressions related to all training components such as technical, health, safety and security. This will build up your ability to communicate in local language and will bring you closer to the community with which you will work. This capacity will also enable you to know your community better. You will participate effectively and with increased personal satisfaction in the type of cultural and technical exchange that Peace Corps has been advocating for since its creation. Some suggestions for succeeding in this learning process is being receptive and taking risks. Use the new language, analyze it and be methodic. Search for new words with friends, host families, and counterparts.

Togo: 1962-present

Togo: Education, Environment, Health

The Bassar language is spoken in a town in Bassar Prefecture, Kara Region in Togo, situated west of Kara. The town has a population of 64,888. Bassar was originally a centre for iron making. It now is known as the yam capital of Togo. Bassar is best known for producing the Labaco variety of yam which is the preferred type for making fufu, a staple of Togolese cuisine. Bassar has a King, a heritage which is passed down the generations. The King's seat is at Le Palais Royal (the Royal Palace). The theme of death is common in the town, with a "House of the Dead" and mausoleum of deceased Bassar kings; sacrifices of animals such as goats are commonly made.

Bassar is spoken in: Togo

Bassar has no known alternate names.

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