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The Peace Corps - Bislama Language Lessons material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Bislama tutor.

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US Peace Corps Bislama  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
The US Peace Corps Bislama language course comprises of 13 lessons starting with the sounds of Bislama. This section discusses the five vowels and their pronunciation at the same time a run through of letter combinations with emphasis on the letter combinations in English that are transliterated and pronounced as a single letter in Bislama. The rest of the lessons are the following:

Lesson 2: Introducing Yourself and Greetings
Lesson 3: At the Market - Long Maket
Lesson 4: Shopping - Soping
Lesson 5: Asking and Giving Directions - Askem mo GivimDaereksen
Lesson 6: Transportation - Transpotesen
Lesson 7: Food Likes and Dislikes - Kakae, Laekem mo no Laekem
Lesson 8: At a restaurant - Long wan restron
Lesson 9: Hotel reservations - Hotel Resevesen
Lesson 10: Mailing - Sendem Leta
Lesson 11: Family - Famli
Lesson 12: Outdoor Activities - Ol aktiviti aotsaed
Lesson 13: At Work - Long Wok

Vanuatu: 1990-present

Vanuatu: Education, Business, Health

Bislama is a creole language, one of the official languages of Vanuatu. It is the first language of many of the "Urban ni-Vanuatu" (those who live in Port Vila and Luganville), and the second language of much of the rest of the country's residents. "Yumi, Yumi, Yumi", the Vanuatu national anthem, is in Bislama. More than 95% of Bislama words are of English origin; the remainder combines a few dozen words from French, as well as some vocabulary inherited from various languages of Vanuatu, essentially limited to flora and fauna terminology. While the influence of these vernacular languages is low on the vocabulary side, it is very high in the morphosyntax. Bislama can be basically described as a language with an English vocabulary and an Oceanic grammar.

Bislama is spoken in: Vanuatu

Bislama has no known alternate names.

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