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US Peace Corps Chewa  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This language course is is intended to provide linguistically oriented student with the fundamental elements of Chinyanja (also commonly referred to without the "Chi" prefix as "Nyanja"). the principle language of Malawi, Chinyanja is also spoken dy large numbers of Malawians in neighboring countries. the course is based on a set of dialogs developed from impromptu conversations recorded by two of the Malawian authors. intended to de introduced orally, these dialogs are glossed in and contain English the special structure points of each unit. followed dy they are notes and, in explanatory and exercises earlier lessons, by short "autobiographical" question and answer sections. later units longer, with more attention given to the are grammatical devices of the language. throughout emphasis is on mastery of the dialogs. instructions for the teacher are included in the introduction.

Zambia: 1994-present
Mozambique: 1998-present

Zambia: Education, Business, Health
Mozambique: Education, Health

Chewa, is the Malawian dialect very similar, though not the same as Nyanja, is a language of the Bantu language family. The noun class prefix chi- is used for languages, so the language is also known as Chichewa and Chinyanja (spelled Cinyanja in Zambia), and locally Nyasa in Mozambique.

Chewa is spoken in: Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe

Chewa is also called: Chinyanja, Nyanja, Chichea

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