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US Peace Corps Crioulo  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This Pre-service Training Crioulo training course made by the US Peace Corps is designed for the language training of peace Corps volunteers in Guinea Bissau and focuses on daily communication needs in that context. Guinea - Bissau Crioulo is a Portuguese pidgin without standardized written form that is used as the lingua franca within and among tribes. The guide consists of a brief introduction to the language, brief notes on the relationship of Guinea - Bissau Crioulo and Portuguese, pronunciation notes, a basic grammar (numerical markers, articles, personal pronouns, possessives, demonstrative pronouns, negative forms, verbs, comparative adjectives), a dictionary of grammar elements, and a series of 14 competency - based lessons on these topics: greetings, personal identification, introduction, meeting people, saying goodbye, family, human body, the home, food and restaurants, shopping in the market, tailors, laundry, giving and getting directions, and transportation. Each lesson consists of grammar notes, vocabulary and phrase lists, dialogue, and cultural notes.

Guinea-Bissau: 1961-1998; Currently Not Active

Guinea-Bissau: Currently Not Active

Guinea-Bissau Creole is the lingua franca of the West African country of Guinea Bissau. It is a Portuguese-based creole language, closely related to Cape Verdean creole. Kriolu is spoken as a first language by approximately 15% (190,000) of Bissau-Guineans, and as a second language by approximately 46% (600,000); it is also spoken in parts of Senegal, primarily as a trade language.

Portuguese itself is the official language of Guinea Bissau, although it is not spoken regularly by a majority of the population. Upper Guinea creoles are the oldest Portuguese-based creoles, first appearing around the Portuguese settlements along the northwest coast of Africa. Bissau-Guinean Creole is therefore among the first Portuguese Creoles. Portuguese merchants and settlers started to mix with locals almost immediately; this became a rule among Portuguese explorers and the main reason for the large number of Portuguese Creoles throughout the world. A small body of settlers called lan?ados ("the thrown out ones"), contributed to the spread of the Portuguese language and influence by being the intermediaries between the Portuguese and natives. There are three main dialects of this Creole in Guinea-Bissau and Senegal: Bissau and Bolama, Bafata & Cacheu Ziguinchor

Crioulo is spoken in: Guinea Bissau

Crioulo is also called: Portuguis

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