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The Peace Corps - Djerma (Zarma) Language Lessons material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Zarma tutor.

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US Peace Corps Zarma (Djerma) - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This textbook presents the essential structural features of the Djerma language as it is currently spoken in the western region of Niger. THe course is organized into 30 unites which cnsitute intructional material for between 300-400 hours of classroom instructions. It was specifically designed for intensive training extending over a preiod of 10 to 12 weeks. Thirty tape recordings contain the dialogue and drills of 30 unites were developed to accompany the text. These should be used regularly by the student in the language lanboratory or with a tape recorder for reinforcement of what is learned in the classroom. In the ideal situation the student will have access to a native speaker of Djerma who will acta as a teacher and as a model of how the language is spoken.

Benin: 1968-present
Burkina Faso: 1967-1987, 1995-present
Ghana: 1961-present
Niger: 1962-2011; Currently Not Active

Benins: Education, Environment, Agriculture, Health, Business
Burkina Faso: Education, Health, Environment
Ghana: Education, Environment, Agriculture, Health
Niger: Currently Not Active

Zarma (Djerma) is spoken in: Mali, Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso

Zarma (Djerma) has no known alternate names.

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