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US Peace Corps Kriolu  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
A dictionary of English-to-Kriolu words developed by the Peace Corps to teach students basic words and phrases used by Kriolu speakers in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde: 1988-2011

Cape Verde: Currently Inactive

The current designation of this language is "Cape Verdean Creole", but in everyday use the language is simply called "Creole" or "Kriolu" by its speakers. The names "Cape Verdean" (cabo-verdiano in Portuguese, kabuverdianu in Cape Verdean Creole) and "Cape Verdean language" (l?ngua cabo-verdiana in Portuguese, l?ngua kabuverdianu in Sotavento Creole and l?ngua kabverdian in Barlavento Creole) have been proposed for whenever the language will be standardized. In spite of Creole being the mother tongue of nearly all the population in Cape Verde, Portuguese is still the official language. As Portuguese is used in everyday life (at school, in administration, in official acts, in relations with foreign countries, etc.), Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole live in a state of diglossia. Due to this overall presence of Portuguese, a decreolization process occurs for all the different Cape Verdean Creole variants.?

Kriolu is spoken in: Cape Verde

Kriolu is also called: Cape Verdean Creole

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