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US Peace Corps Fon  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This Fon language course is a reaffirmation of the belief that socio-cultural integration is made easier by a good mastery of the languages used in your work environment. The ability to communicate in a local language brings you closer to the communities with which you work. The course is composed of 14 lessons that cover the following subjects:

Lesson 1 - 5 : Integration sociale
Lesson 6 : Le marche
Lesson 7 : Integration sociale
Lesson 8 : Orientation
Lesson 9 : Orientation
Lesson 10 : Le travail
Lesson 11 : Les saisons
Lesson 12 : Integration sociale
Lesson 13 : Integration sociale
Lesson 14 : Integration sociale

Benin: 1968-present

Benin: Education, Environment, Health, Community Economic Development

Fon is part of the Gbe language cluster and belongs to the VoltaNiger branch of the NigerCongo languages. Fon is spoken mainly in Benin by approximately 1.7 million speakers, by the Fon people. Like the other Gbe languages, Fon is an analytic language with an SVO basic word order.

Fon is spoken in: Benin

Fon is also called: Dahomeen, Djedji, Fo, Fogbe, Fon-Gbe, Fongbe, Fonnu

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