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The Peace Corps - Hausa Language Lessons material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Hausa tutor.

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US Peace Corps Hausa  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This Peace Corps Hausa language course is designed to teach you the basic survival level of Hausa you would need. There are 24 lessons that cover the following subjects:

Lesson 1: Pronunciation
Lesson 2: Greetings 1
Lesson 3: Greetings 2
Lesson 4: Greetings 3
Lesson 5: Expressions for taking leave
Lesson 6: Dialogue on greetings
Lesson 7: Expressions
Lesson 8: Days of the week / Months of the year
Lesson 9: Time (adverbs of time)
Lesson 10: Numbers (1-20)
Lesson 11: Numbers (21 through one million)
Lesson 12: Money
Lesson 13: Vocabulary (food items)
Lesson 14: Measurements
Lesson 15: Asking for prices / Question words
Lesson 16: Expressing needs
Lesson 17: Dialogue on bargaining
Lesson 18: Weather (useful expressions and seasons) 14
Lesson 19: The Verb "to be" (in three parts); Part 1 - the "ne/ce" sandwich
Lesson 20: Part 2 - negation
Lesson 21: Part 3 - the -na form
Lesson 22: The future tense
Lesson 23: The past tense
Lesson 24: Past tense negative

Ghana: 1961-present
Togo: 1962-present
Niger: 1962-2011; Currently Inactive
Congo: 1970-1991; Currently Inactive

Ghana: 1962-2011; : Education, Environment, Agriculture, Health
Togo: Education, Environment, Health, Business, Information Technology
Niger: Currently Inactive
Congo: Currently Inactive

Hausa is the Chadic language (a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family) with the largest number of speakers, spoken as a first language by about 34 million people, and as a second language by about 18 million more, an approximate total of 52 million people.

Hausa is spoken in: Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Cameroon

Hausa is also called: Abakwariga, Habe, Haoussa, Hausawa, Haussa, Hawsa, Kado, Mgbakpa

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