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US Peace Corps Kaqchikel  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This Kaqchikel language course is designed with one primary goal in view: to encourage and lead the learner to communicate in Cakchiquel in class and out of class. The course is organized so as to make use of the laming principles outlined above. Each unit has a PREPARATION STAGE which consists of a self-instructional program together with other activities for the student preparatory to meeting with the instructor or coming to class. Different sections are printed on different colored paper for the convenience of the student and the instructor.

Following the PREPARATION STAGE is the Core Stage or ETAPA PRINCIPAL in which material is presented by the instructor in short question-answer exchanges called micro-wave cycles. This stage provides for supervised application and active use of the material introduced in the preparation stage.

By means of the exercises and activities found in the core stage it is hoped that the student can attain a state of overlearning, which he will then maintain by the continued review and use of the material.

Guatemala: 1963-present

Guatemala: Health, Youth Development, Environment, Agriculture

The Kaqchikel, or Kaqchiquel, language (in modern orthography; formerly also spelled Cakchiquel or Cakchiquiel) is an indigenous Mesoamerican language and a member of the QuicheanMamean branch of the Mayan languages family. It is spoken by the indigenous Kaqchikel people in central Guatemala. It is closely related to the K'iche' (Quich?) and Tz'utujil languages. Kaqchikel dialects differ somewhat in their vowels. Each dialect has a set of five tense vowels and either one, two, four, or five lax vowels. The chart below shows all the possible vowels that can occur in dialects of Kaqchikel. While the dialect of Solol? uses the maximal ten-vowel system with all the vowels except schwa //, the dialects of San Juan Sacatep?quez and San Andr?s Semetabaj only use the five tense vowels and schwa. There is a variance in the pronunciation of the lax vowels across the dialects. Some dialects lower the given vowel, others center the vowel while not lowering it. The Xenacoj dialect used here both centers and lowers the vowels with a tendency to more strongly lower close vowels and more strongly center back vowels.?

Kaqchikel is spoken in: Guatemala

Kaqchikel is also called: Cakchiquel, Kaqchikel

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