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The Peace Corps - Kreol Language Lessons material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Kreol tutor.

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US Peace Corps Kreol  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This Peace Corps course in French-derived Kreol is designed for language learning among Peace Corps volunteers assigned to the Seychelles. The materials consist of 36 lessons on topics of daily communication needs. Lessons contain a story, dialogue, and/or list of expressions, exercises, and vocabulary and grammar notes and translations in the margin. Some illustrations are included.

Seychelles: 1974-1995; Currently Inactive

Seychelles: Currently Inactive

Seychellois Creole, also known as Kreol or Seselwa, is the French-based creole language of the Seychelles. It shares official language status with English and French (in contrast to Mauritian Creole, which has no official status in Mauritius). In Creole, the definite article (derived from the French le, la and les) forms part of the word, so that 'the future' is lavenir (as opposed to the French l'avenir). The possessive is formed by adding the pronoun, so that 'our future' is nou lavenir, literally, 'we-the-future'. Similarly in the plural, les les ?loign?es Seychelles in French ('the Outer Seychelles Islands') becomes Zil Elwanyen Sesel in Creole. Note the z in Zil, as, in French, "les les" is pronounced /le"zil/.?

Kreol is spoken in: Seychelles

Kreol has no known alternate names.

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