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US Peace Corps Luganda  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This guide is designed for Luganda (Ganda) language training of Peace Corps workers in Uganda, and reflects daily communication needs in that context. It consists of an introduction on use of the materials and a series of topical instructional 'snits addressing specific language competencies. Each unit includes the targeted competency and a behavioral objective, text or dialogue, several grammar and vocabulary exercises, and grammar and cultural notes. Unit topics include greetings and leave-takings, introductions, food and drink, daily activities, health, friendship, home, transportation, health and parts of the body, climate and clothing, and typically difficult Luganda expressions for non-Bantu speakers. Appended materials include verb lists and topical vocabulary lists.

Uganda: 1964-1972, 1991-1999, 2001-present

Uganda: Health, Education, Community Economic Development

The Ganda language, or Luganda, is the major language of Uganda, spoken by over sixteen million Ganda and other people mainly in Southern Uganda, including the capital Kampala. It belongs to the Bantu branch of the NigerCongo language family. Typologically, it is a highly agglutinating language with subjectverbobject word order and nominativeaccusative morphosyntactic alignment. With about seven million first-language-speakers in the Buganda region and about ten million others with a working knowledge, it is the most widely spoken Ugandan language, and as second language it follows English and precedes Swahili. The language is used in some primary schools in Buganda as pupils begin to learn English, the primary official language of Uganda. Until the 1960s, Ganda was also the official language of instruction in primary schools in Eastern Uganda.

Luganda is spoken in: Uganda

Luganda is also called: Oluganda

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