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The Peace Corps - Madi Language Lessons material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Madi tutor.

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US Peace Corps Madi  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This Peace Corps Madi course is designed to teach you the basic survival level of Madi you would need. There are 32 lessons that cover the following subjects:

LESSON 1 That is your name?
LESSON 2 This person's name is
LESSON 3 No, my name is not
LESSON 4 Dialogue for breakfast in the hotel
LESSON 5 Are you an American?
LESSON 6 Ways for forming up Vocabulary
LESSON 7 Conversation
LESSON 8 I am from America
LESSON 9 Building Up Vocabulary
LESSON 10 I come from Northent Part of America
LESSON 11 Common Health Problems
LESSON 12 I am not from India
LESSON 13 I live here now 1
LESSON 14 Useful Phrases in Weather
LESSON 15 Play - Doctor and Patient
LESSON 16 Dialogue
LESSON 17 This is my Pencil
LESSON 18 Conversation 2
LESSON 19 Time
LESSON 20 At the grocery Store Conversations
LESSON 21 Get Up
LESSON 22 I get up at 6:00 am
LESSON 23 Trying to buy oranges and tomatoes
LESSON 24 This book is mine
LESSON 25 Taking a trip by car conversations
LESSON 26 Time (cont)
LESSON 27 Peace Corps Personnel get Up at 6:00am
LESSON 28 What time did you get up today?
LESSON 29 No, I did not get up at all
LESSON 30 Sample of free conversation
LESSON 31 Today at lunch we will eat
LESSON 32 I came here by plane

Uganda: 1964-1972, 1991-1999, 2001-present

Uganda: Health, Education, Community Economic Development

The Ma'di language is found in Uganda and South Sudan. (The apostrophe before the letter d denotes it as an implosive). The Madi people refer to their language as Ma'di ti literally: Ma'di mouth. The Ma'di people are found in Magwi County in the Sudan, and in Adjumani and Moyo districts in Uganda. The population is about 390,000 people (90,000 in the Sudan). Most Ma'di people are bilingual. In Uganda, the educated class speak English as the second language. Some also speak Swahili.

In South Sudan, the educated Ma'dis speak English and/or Arabic. The South Sudanese Ma'di also speak Juba Arabic, spoken in the South Sudan and not understood in the North. The form of Juba Arabic spoken by the Ma'di is influenced by Nubi/Kinubi spoken in Uganda among Moslems who are mainly descendents of Gordon's troops. Loanwords in Ugandan Ma'di are therefore mainly of English and/or Swahili origin and in Sudanese Ma'di of English and/or Juba Arabic origin. Ma'di language has mutual intelligibility with Olu'bo, Lugbara, Moru, Avokaya, Kaliko and Logo.

Madi is spoken in: Uganda

Madi is also called: Gira

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