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US Peace Corps Fula  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This instructional guide for Fulani (Fulfulde), an African language, is designed for the language training of Peace Corps volunteers and focuses on daily interactions and activities in that context. A series of 32 lessons, each based on a single language competence, are presented in ten broad theme - based units. Themes include greeting and introductions, expression of immediate needs, shopping, dealing with the tailor, health, meals, giving and getting directions, travel, daily activities, and gardening. Lessons consist of a specified competence, vocabulary list, list of related expressions, grammar and cultural notes, and exercises. One or more proverbs may also be included.

Cameroon: 1962-present
Guinea: 1963-1966, 1969-1971, 1985-present
Niger: 1962-2011; Currently Not Active

Cameroon: Education, Environment, Agriculture, Health, Business, Information Technology
Guinea: Education, Agriculture, Health
Niger: Currently Not Active

The Fula language, also known as Fulani is a non-tonal language spoken as various closely related dialects, in a continuum that stretches across some 20 countries of West and Central Africa. Like other related languages such as Serer and Wolof, it belongs to the Atlantic branch of the NigerCongo language family. It is spoken as a first language by the Fule (Fula or Fulani people) and related groups (such as the Tukulor in the Senegal River Valley) from Senegambia and Guinea to Cameroon and Sudan. It is also spoken as a second language by various peoples in the region, such as the Kirdi of Northern Cameroon and North-Eastern Nigeria.

Fula is spoken in: Senegal, Sudan, Cameroon

Fula is also called: Fulani, Fulbe Jeeri, Fulfulde Pulaar, Fulfulde-Pulaar, Haalpulaar, Peuhl, Peul, Peulh, Pulaar Fulfulde

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