Peace Corps - Moba Language Lessons

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The Peace Corps - Moba Language Lessons material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Moba tutor.

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US Peace Corps Moba  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
The Moba course is designed to teach you the basic survival level of Moba you would need. There are 13 lessons that cover the following subjects:

Lesson 1: Greetings
Lesson 2: Intoduce oneself and someone else
Lesson 3: Introduce one's family
Lesson 4: Buying essential items
Lesson 5: Talk about food habits of the host country
Lesson 6: Invite someone, accept or decline an invitation
Lesson 7: Talk about daily activities
Lesson 8: Ask for and give direction and time
Lesson 9: Talk about transportation
Lesson 10: Talk about one's state of health
Lesson 11: Express one's sympathy in a happy or sad event
Lesson 12: Ask for help in an emergency case
Lesson 13: Talk about his/her work

Togo: 1962-present
Ghana: 1961-present
Burkina Faso: 1967-1987, 1995-present

Togo: Education, Environment, Health
Ghana: Education, Agriculture, Health
Burkina Faso: Education, Health, Community Economic Development

Moba is a major language of the Gurma people of Togo and Ghana. However, in Ghana only 60% of ethnic Moba Gurma speak the language. There are also about 2,000 speakers in Burkina Faso. The Gur languages, also known as Central Gur, belong to the NigerCongo languages. There are about 70 languages belonging to this group. They are spoken in the sahelian and savanna regions of West Africa, namely: in Burkina Faso, southern Mali, northeastern Ivory Coast, the northern halves of Ghana and Togo, northwestern Benin, and southwestern Niger; with the easternmost Gur language Baatonun, spoken in the extreme northwest of Nigeria.?

Moba is spoken in: Burkina Faso, Togo

Moba is also called: Ben, Moa, Moab, Moare

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