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The Peace Corps - Samoan Language Lessons material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Samoan tutor.

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US Peace Corps Samoan  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This Samoan language manual is designed for use by both teachers and students. The manual outlines and explains each lesson for the teacher and provides a source of reference for the learner. The lessons are intended for use in the classroom under the direction of the teacher. Total immersion in Samoan and exclusion of English are important features of the course. Each lesson contains a list of topics to be taught, the method to be used, and the necessary materials. The lessons are organized into eight units covering nominatives, numbers, pronouns, verb tenses, adjectives and adverbs, miscellaneous concepts, conjunctions and prepositions, idioms, and dialogues and stories. An appendix provides a Samoan grammar, an English-Samoan glossary, and a Samoan-English glossary.

Samoa: 1967-present

Samoa: Education, Community Development

Samoan is the language of the Samoan Islands, comprising the independent country of Samoa and the United States territory of American Samoa. It is an official language alongside English in both jurisdictions.

Samoan, a Polynesian language, is the first language for most of the Samoa Islands' population of about 246,000. With many Samoan people living in other countries, the total number of speakers worldwide is estimated at 370,000. The language is notable for the phonological differences between formal and informal speech as well as a ceremonial form used in Samoan oratory.

Samoan is spoken in: Samoa

Samoan is also called: Gagana fa'a Samoa, Gagana Samoa

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