Peace Corps - Sara Basic Course

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The Peace Corps - Sara Basic Course material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Sara tutor.

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US Peace Corps Sara  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
The basic plan of this course in the Sara language is modeled after "An Experimental Course in Hausa" (Foreign Service Institute Course). The course consists of short cycles consisting of mimicry followed by conversation built on the same vocabulary and syntactic patterns. The format has been condensed and altered. The courses contains 95 lessons and would take approximately 50 hours to compete. The Sara is followed by English on the subsequent page rather than face to face. The cultural material in this courses is aimed predominiantly at the introduction of foreigners to the culture. The topics covered in the lessons include:

Lesson 1 - Names
Lesson 2 - Nationality
Lesson 3 - Origin and Locality
Lesson 4 - Activities Related to the Summer
Lesson 5 - Daily situations
Lesson 6 - Travel
Lesson 7 - Days of the week
Lesson 8 - Months
Lesson 9 - Birthplace
Lesson 10 - School
Lesson 11 - Biography
Lesson 12 - Professions
Lesson 13 - Activities

Chad: 1966-1979, 1987-1990, 1990-1998, 2003-2006; Currently Inactive

Chad: Currently Inactive

The Sara languages comprise half a dozen BongoBagirmi languages spoken mainly in southern Chad; a few are also spoken in the north of the Central African Republic. They are members of the Central Sudanic language family. Greenberg (1966) treats all varieties as dialects of a Sara language, whereas Tucker and Bryan (1966) consider the Sara to be a dialect cluster of several languages. The most populous variety of Sara proper is Ngambay (Sara Ngambay), a major trade language of southern Chad, with about a million speakers, though Sar (Madjingay) is the lingua franca of Sarh.?

Sara is spoken in: Chad

Sara is also called: Kaba 'Dem, Kaba Démé, Kaba Démé, Kaba Demi, Sara Kaba Dem, Tà Sàra

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