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The Peace Corps - Setswana Language Lessons material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Setswana tutor.

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Setswana- Lesson 1

Setswana- Lesson 10

Setswana- Lesson 11

Setswana- Lesson 12

Setswana- Lesson 13

Setswana- Lesson 14

Setswana- Lesson 15

Setswana- Lesson 16

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Setswana- Lesson 2

Setswana- Lesson 20

Setswana- Lesson 21

Setswana- Lesson 22

Setswana- Lesson 23

Setswana- Lesson 3

Setswana- Lesson 4

Setswana- Lesson 5 Part 1

Setswana- Lesson 5 Part 2

Setswana- Lesson 5 Part 3

Setswana- Lesson 6

Setswana- Lesson 7

Setswana- Lesson 8

Setswana- Lesson 9

US Peace Corps Setswana (Tswana) - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
The Setswana course is designed to teach you the basic survival level you would need to server as a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana. This covers the following subjects:

Lesson 1 - A Guide to Pronunciation
Lesson 2 - Greetings (Formal & Informal)
Lesson 3 - Introducing Self / Someone
Lesson 4 - Leave- Taking Expressions
Lesson 5 - Vocabulary 1 (Verbs)
Lesson 6 - Some Useful Expressions
Lesson 7 - Vocabulary 2 (Nouns)
Lesson 8 - Pronouns
Lesson 9 - Connecting words
Lesson 10 - Negation
Lesson 11 - Verbs "to be" and "to have"
Lesson 12 - Question Words and Commands
Lesson 13 - Expressing Needs
Lesson 14 - Food Items
Lesson 15 - Family
Lesson 16 - Adverbs of Time
Lesson 17 - Days Activities
Lesson 18 - Vocabulary 3
Lesson 19 - Some of words with similar spelling but differing in meaning
Lesson 20 - Asking for Prices
Lesson 21 - Weather
Lesson 22 - Health Expressions
Lesson 23 - Safety Expressions

Botswana: 1966-1997; 2003-present

Botswana: HIV/AIDS, Health, Community Development. Education

Setswana (Tswana) is spoken in: Botswana, South Africa, Namibia

Setswana (Tswana) has no known alternate names.

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