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Setswana- Lesson 1

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Setswana- Lesson 4

Setswana- Lesson 5 Part 1

Setswana- Lesson 5 Part 2

Setswana- Lesson 5 Part 3

Setswana- Lesson 6

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Setswana- Lesson 8

Setswana- Lesson 9

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Peace Corps Setswana Language Lessons - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
The Setswana course is designed to teach you the basic survival level you would need to server as a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana. This covers the following subjects:

Lesson 1 - A Guide to Pronunciation
Lesson 2 - Greetings (Formal & Informal)
Lesson 3 - Introducing Self / Someone
Lesson 4 - Leave- Taking Expressions
Lesson 5 - Vocabulary 1 (Verbs)
Lesson 6 - Some Useful Expressions
Lesson 7 - Vocabulary 2 (Nouns)
Lesson 8 - Pronouns
Lesson 9 - Connecting words
Lesson 10 - Negation
Lesson 11 - Verbs "to be" and "to have"
Lesson 12 - Question Words and Commands
Lesson 13 - Expressing Needs
Lesson 14 - Food Items
Lesson 15 - Family
Lesson 16 - Adverbs of Time
Lesson 17 - Days Activities
Lesson 18 - Vocabulary 3
Lesson 19 - Some of words with similar spelling but differing in meaning
Lesson 20 - Asking for Prices
Lesson 21 - Weather
Lesson 22 - Health Expressions
Lesson 23 - Safety Expressions

Botswana: 1966-1997; 2003-present

Botswana: HIV/AIDS, Health, Community Development. Education
Tswana or Setswana is a language spoken in Southern Africa by about 4.5 million people. It is a Bantu language belonging to the NigerCongo language family within the Sotho languages branch of Zone S, and is closely related to the Northern- and Southern Sotho languages, as well as the Kgalagadi language and the Lozi language. Tswana is an official language and lingua franca of Botswana spoken by almost 2 million of its inhabitants. However, the majority of Tswana speakers are found in South Africa where 3.4 million people speak the language, and where an urbanized variety known as Pretoria Sotho is the principal language of that city. Until 1994, South African Tswana people were notionally citizens of Bophuthatswana, one of the few bantustans that actually became reality as planned by the Apartheid regime. A small number of speakers are also found in Zimbabwe and Namibia, where 29,400 and 12,300 people speak the language, respectively.
Setswana Tswana is spoken in: Botswana, South Africa, Namibia
Setswana Tswana is also called: Tswana


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