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US Peace Corps Comorian (Shinzwani) - Image This course will give you an introduction to the Comorian dialect of Shinzwani, specifically the form spoken by the Anjouan people. The goal of this course is to get you to a basic survival level of the language.

Comorianis the name given to a group of four Bantu languages spoken in the Comoro Islands, an archipelago in the southwestern Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar. It is named as one of the official languages of the Union of the Comoros in the Comorian constitution. Shimaore, one of the languages, is spoken on the disputed island of Mayotte, a French department claimed by Comoros. Like Swahili, the Comorian languages are Sabaki languages, part of the Bantu language family. Each island has its own language and the four are conventionally divided into two groups: the eastern group is composed of Shindzuani (spoken on Ndzuani) and Shimaore (Mayotte), while the western group is composed of Shimwali (Mwali) and Shingazija (Ngazidja). Although the languages of different groups are not usually mutually intelligible, only sharing about 80% of their lexicon, there is mutual intelligibility between the languages within each group, suggesting that Shikomori should be considered as a two language groups rather than four distinct languages

Comorian (Shinzwani) is spoken in: Comoros

Comorian (Shinzwani) is also called: Shikomori, Shimasiwa

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