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We made using the Peace Corps - Tok Pisin Language Lessons material easier to use and more effective. You can now read the ebook (in the pane on the left), listen to the audio (pane to the right) and practice your pronunciation (use on the Pronunciation Tool tab on right) all at the same time.

The Peace Corps - Tok Pisin Language Lessons material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified TokPisin tutor.

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Currently there are no audios available for this course.

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US Peace Corps TokPisin  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
The workbook is designed for teaching Melanesian Pidgin English (tokpisin) sentence structure to Peace Corps volunteers. It addresses sentence structure that are common to most languages, and uses listening, speaking, translation, and other grammar drills and exercises to reinforce learning. The approach used assumes that a native speaker is available to assist the learner. Each lesson includes a pre - test, a new text, notes on sentence patterns and grammatical features, reading comprehension exercises, vocabulary exercises using a variety of techniques, listening comprehension practice, questions and answer exercises, summary recall, and a post - test. Lesson topics include descriptive sentences, informationquestions, pronouns, commands and requests, use of intransitive verbs, use of transitive verbs, reflexive sentence structures, equative or classification sentences, possessive, locatives, negation, linking simple sentences, forming more complex sentences, combining sentence by embedding, and including quotations.

Papua New Guinea: 1981-2001; Currently Inactive

Papua New Guinea: Currently Inactive

TokPisin is spoken in: Papua New Guinea

TokPisin has no known alternate names.

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