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13 Pages of Free Lessons
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Peace Corps Twi Language Lessons - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
The Twi language course is designed to teach you the basic survival level you would need. This covers the following subjects:

Lesson 1 - Twi Alphabet Consonants
Lesson 2 - Twi Alphabet Vowels
Lesson 3 - Diagraphs
Lesson 4 - Pronouns
Lesson 5 - Greetings
Lesson 6 - Introducing Yourself and Your Peace Corps Work
Lesson 7 - Numbers
Lesson 8 - Food
Lesson 9 - Security Expressions
Lesson 10 - Shopping
Lesson 11 - Telling Time In Duration and Times of Day
Lesson 12 - Directions
Lesson 13 - Social Language - Part 1 - 3
Lesson 14 - Sample Dialogue - No. 1 - 4

Ghana: 1961-present

Ghana: Education, Environment, Agriculture, Health
Twi, also known as Akan and Fante, is an Akan language that is the principal native language of Akan lands in Ghana, spoken over much of the southern half of that country, by about 58% of the population, and among 30% of the population of Ivory Coast. Three dialects have been developed as literary standards with distinct orthographies, Asante, Akuapem (together called Twi), and Fante, which despite being mutually intelligible were inaccessible in written form to speakers of the other standards. In 1978 the Akan Orthography committee (AOC) established a common orthography for all of Akan, which is used as the medium of instruction in primary school by speakers of several other Akan languages such as Anyi, Sefwi, Ahanta, and the Guang languages.
Twi is spoken in: Ghana
Twi is also called: Akan, Fante


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