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The Peace Corps - Ukrainian Language Course material can be used both as a self-guided course or with the assistance of a qualified Ukrainian tutor.

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US Peace Corps Ukrainian  - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
The text is designed for classroom and self-study of Ukrainian by Peace Corps volunteers training to serve in the Ukraine. It consists of language and culture lessons on 12 topics: personal identification; classroom communication; conversation with a host family; food; getting and giving directions, and public transportation; the communications system; shopping; social situations; housing; workplace language; medical and health assistance; and use of community services. An introductory section outlines major phonological and grammatical characteristics of the Ukrainian language and features of the Cyrillic alphabet. Subsequent sections contain the language lessons, organized by topic and each introduced with cultural notes. Each lesson consists of a prescribed competency, a brief dialogue, vocabulary list, and notes on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling. Appended materials include a list of the competencies in English, definitions of grammatical terms, more extensive notes on declensions and verb conjugations, and topical vocabulary lists.

Ukraine: 1992-present

Ukraine: Education, Economic Development, Youth Development

Ukrainian is a member of the East Slavic subgroup of the Slavic languages. It is the official state language of Ukraine and the principal language of the Ukrainians. Written Ukrainian uses a variant of the Cyrillic script. The Ukrainian language traces its origins to the Old East Slavic of the early medieval state of Kievan Rus'.

From 1804 until the Russian Revolution Ukrainian was banned from schools in the Russian Empire of which Ukraine was a part at the time. It has always maintained a sufficient base in Western Ukraine where the language was never banned in its folklore songs, itinerant musicians, and prominent authors.

Ukrainian is spoken in: Ukraine

Ukrainian has no known alternate names.

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