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Peace Corps Tashelhit Dictionary - Image COURSE OVERVIEW
This Tashelhit-English dictionary was created by Peace Corps volunteers who served in Morocco in order to teach the basic vocabulary they may use at their posts.

Morocco: 1963-present

Morocco: Youth Development, English Education, Environment and Health
Shilha is the most populous variety of Berber, with some 8 million speakers. Shilha is spoken in High-Atlas Morocco, an area ranging from the northern slopes of the High-Atlas to the southern slopes of the Anti-Atlas, the Great Canyon, bounded to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The northern limit of the Shilha area is impossible to pinpoint because of a smooth transition into Southern Middle Atlas Berber.

The High-Atlas Mountains, plains and valleys, and the Great Canyons region is central to the Shilha area, therefore the Shilha-speaking Berbers are also found in surrounding regions and cities well outside of the High-Atlas and Souss areas.
Tashelhit Shilha is spoken in: Morocco
Tashelhit Shilha is also called: Berber, Amazigh


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