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The Anufo trace their roots to an area in present-day Cote d'Ivoire which they call Anou or Ano. Hence they refer to themselves and their language as Anufo "people of Anu". It appears that migrations in the early 1700's brought together Mande horsemen and their malams from the North and Akan peoples from the East. The Anufo in Ghana currently inhabit an area of savannah grassland in the north eastern part of Ghana. The soil is poor, but the main occupation of the people is farming. Communal labor is still called for many tasks between men and women. Markets in the area follow a six day cycle, and they provide social interaction as well as economic activity. People bring their local produce to sell in order to buy such things as soup ingredients (women) or bicycle parts (young men). It is a patrilineal society

Also Called:

Chakosi, Chokosi, Chokossi, Kyokosi, Tchokossi, Tiokossi