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Lessons held via Skype
Who Should Take This Course?

The Live Lingua online English school's Résumé review and job interview preparation course via Skype is designed with the special needs of the ESL student applying for a job at an English speaking company in mind. It is suitable for Upper Intermediate-Advanced English students and above who want to bring their resume and English interview skills to the next level.

Course Description

During this course, the student will be provided with materials and activities to enable them to compile their CV and prepare for the job interview process. Students will build on their present knowledge and improve their writing and vocabulary skills in general and in specific areas, guided by native speakers who are experts on the subject.

Course Duration

5 Hours (5 x 60 minute sessions). Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Course Goals

This course offers intermediate and above students the opportunity to better prepare for the English job interview process.

Course Content

This course contains intensive training in communication skills such as speaking, listening, discussing and explaining.

Take A Trial Résumé Review and Interview Preparation Lesson

The Live Lingua resume review and interview preparation for ESL students course takes 5 hours to complete, broken down into 5 lessons that last 1 hour each. The lessons are via Skype, so you can take them from the comfort of your own home or office at the time of your choosing. Each lesson covers the following topics:

Lesson 1

  • Course Overview & Welcome
  • Introduction To CV Writing
  • Cover Letters

Lesson 2

  • CV Correction
  • Cover Letter Finalization

Lesson 3

  • Dealing With Nervousness
  • Mock Interview
  • Role Play

Lesson 4

  • Salary Negotiation
  • The 3 G's - Global, Good & Grit

Lesson 5

  • In The Workplace
  • Types of Bosses
  • Recap & Farewell

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