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Are you ready for your GMAT Verbal exam?

GMAT Verbal - understanding

Are you able to answer critical reasoning questions in English?

Your tutors will practice these difficult questions to make sure you can answer them with confidence in English.

GMAT Verbal - grammar

Have you studied the test taking method for the GMAT?

You will not only learn English grammar, but also the techniques necessary to pass the GMAT exam with a great score.

GMAT Verbal - spoken

Can you distinguish between different question types?

The exam is full of trick questions so your teacher will help you practice every type of question so you can be prepared.

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What is the GMAT Verbal exam?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) exam is required for entry in almost all of the MBA programs in the world.

The part of the exam that is the most difficult for non-English speaking students is the GMAT Verbal Section.

It no only requires a student to study English grammar, but also know tricks on how to take the test.

What are the sections of the exam?

The GMAT Verbal exam is made up of the following sections.




16 questions


3 questions


4 questions


33 questions

What is the GMAT exam format?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) Verbal section is made up of 3 themes. Since it is a computerized exam, the exact number of questions from each section will vary.

The exam is designed to find the perfect level for the student, so if you get one question right, the next one will be harder, if you get one wrong, the next question will be easier.

This is one of the reasons the GMAT exam can be so difficult. It consists of the following sections.

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