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Are you studying for the OET (Occupational English Test)?

OET Exam

The OET (Occupational English Test) is the standard-bearer for English-language communication in healthcare field. Having this test on your resume not only shows competency, it proves to future employers that you are committed to your career and to workplace advancement. Are you ready? If you’re nervous, Live Lingua is here to help. Let’s start by running through these questions:

  • Do you grasp English pronunciation and feel confident using it in common workplace scenarios?
  • Is your spoken English at a level proficient for professional medical work?
  • Do you understand the what is expected of you in the OET exam?
  • Are you confident enough in your ability to have future employers look at your test results if you took the OET exam today?

If you’re unsure of your ability answer yes to the questions above, making the extra effort to prepare for the OET exam is in your best interest. Don’t worry – Live Lingua has specified language lessons built to help healthcare professionals prepare for the OET exam. These lessons are non-intimidating and practical – one-on-one Skype lessons designed specifically for people in your situation.

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We’ll start you off with a free trial lesson where you’ll get to know your tutor and vice versa. The tutor will cover basic necessities and afterwards will build a lesson plan designed to fully prepare you for the exam. Our OET lesson tutors are native speakers and understand the anxieties you’re going through, as well as how to work through them and pass the exam. Working with us in an investment in your future (not to mention a massive timesaver!)

Do you have any questions about the OET (Occupational English Test)? You can speak to one of our OET tutors for free to ask any questions you may have. They will then evaluate how prepared you are.

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"[My English tutors] at Live Lingua have been great. I have been taking 2 classes a week, and then I change tutors every 2 months, and every tutor I have had so far has been great. I will be continuing with Live Lingua for a long time, and may even sign up to take other languages with them."

Mario C. - I.T. Consultant

"Communication is very important in my business, and with [my English tutor] I am able to work on my fluidity and accent for a price I can afford. I recommend Live Lingua to anybody who wants to learn English."

Miyazaki R. - Tour Guide

"Learning a new language keeps the mind sharp, that is why I am doing it. [My English teacher] is so patient and she correct me a lot. I am learning a lot and am having fun. That is important."

Gerald S. - Retired

"Wonderful. I love the English exercises and try to do a few each day to improve my English."

Vanesh K. - I.T.

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