Teaching English as a second language since 2012.

I speak a total of 2 languages:
English (Native), Spanish (Intermediate).

I've visited or lived in the following countries: Mexico, Greece, France, Holland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain.

"Communication is very important in my business, and with [my English tutor] I am able to work on my fluidity and accent for a price I can afford. I recommend Live Lingua to anybody who wants to learn English." Miyazaki R. - Tour Guide

"I just got the TOEFL score I was looking for and they admitted me in to a university in America. I will start next July and I am so excited." Alameada S. - Student

"For anybody with a strange work schedule I recommend Live Lingua. I can take classes at any time no matter where in the world I am. There is no other service like this." Simone A. - Musician

"I have been taking English lessons for over 6 months with [my English teacher] and he is great. There are no good English teachers where I live and I was not able to improve, but now all the visitors to our hotel tell me how good my English is." Igorevic M. - Hotel Manager

I teach English to help you...

Speak with native English speakers wherever you meet them.

Get fully prepared for your English exam

Develop yourself and open up new opportunities in your life.

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