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The DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) is is a certification of French language abilities for non-native speakers administered by France's Centre international d'études pédagogiques, or CIEP, (International Centre of Pedagogical Studies for the country's Ministry of Education.

The DALF certificate is the highest level of certification that can be obtained through Alliance Francais. This exam has 4 different sections in the first level and two in the second. In order to pass each level of the certification one must have a strong grasp of all the grammar in French as well as a wide level of vocabulary.

The DALF exam is made up of 2 different levels, C1-Intermediate-Advanced, C2-Advanced. Before considering taking the DALF exam one should first be able to complete all the levels of the DELF Exam.

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The DALF C1 exam is made up of four different sections. Each section is worth a total of 25 points, for a total of 100 points. A minimum score of at least 50 points is necessary to pass the exam, and the examinee is not allowed to score less than 5 on any given section.




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[Translated from French] Thank you for your training in helping me obtain from my DALF C2 certification. As you know I was not able to pass the first time, but with your assistance I just passed with a total score of 89/100.

Erik M. - Pilot

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