My [Skype French teacher] is awesome. I couldn't be having a better experience in learning French! Merci!

Mawadda D. New Correspondent

Don't be fooled by the other sites with cheap lessons. You get what you pay for, trust me, I know from bad experience.

Thomas B. Principal

Ms. Careto is an outstanding language teacher, and I'm grateful that Live Lingua matched me with her. It's hard for me to believe how much I've learned in two months working with her. She has an expert feel for language instruction, and she was able to adapt lessons to my needs and desires perfectly.

Jonathan H. Unknown

I was given 10 lessons as a gift by my daughter for Christmas 2 years ago. As she speaks 4 languages, she was encouraging me to learn to speak something other than English. So I registered, and I think I must be up to 70 or so hours of lessons. And it's fair to say that I am well and truly addicted. In regard to the organisation of livelingua it is simple and easy to navigate very reliable. The best feature by far as the fact that the organisation of timing of lessons has built into it, the correction for Greenwich mean Time variability. So wherever your tutor is in the world and wherever you are, you're all speaking the same time language which avoids a lot of problems. With respect to my tutor, she is just magical. She is my muse and she extracts from me the most amazing capacity to speak. I have told everybody I know about livelingua and have referred many people. Thoroughly recommend the overall process and hopefully I will be doing for many years to come. I am very grateful for the gift I was given, by my daughter and the one I am given every lesson by Maider

Stewart G. Doctor

I started using Live Lingua over a year ago to improve my rusty French that I needed to refresh for work. My teacher is wonderful, very knowledgeable and flexible with class scheduling. I believe my French (both speaking and written) has drastically improve thanks to Live Lingua classes.

Piera L. Unknown

My teacher is not only great for the lessons, but also helps me in my job. I interact with a number of French parents at my International School, and she helps me not only understand the language but also the culture.

Evelyn A. Teacher

My total score on the DELF A2 went up by 13 points after taking classes with [my French tutor]. Thank you all very much for your help.

Pattie S. Teacher

The best Skype [French] lessons are here.

Vladimir N. Consultant

I have been learning French with a tutor at Live Lingua for a few months. It has been an excellent experience. My tutor is a language expert and has helped me improve my French skills far better and faster than any other method I have tried. I highly recommend Live Lingua! EXCELLENT TUTORS!

Brian P. Unknown

What a great time I am having learning French. This is the best way to do it, on my own time and at my own pace!

Recia B. Hotel Reception

What an amazingly great idea, and what great teachers. If you really want to learn French, and have total flexiblity these Skype [French] lessons are what you want.

Aria S. PhD

[Translated from French] Thank you for your training in helping me obtain from my DALF C2 certification. As you know I was not able to pass the first time, but with your assistance I just passed with a total score of 89/100.

Erik M. Pilot

French lessons at the community college near my home stopped at the intermediate level and I was looking for a way to continue. Skype French lessons were a prefect choice for me. I can take classes any day I want and anytime I want.

Cici E. Retired

My company paid for these French lessons as we are expanding into different French markets. Since then many other staff members have signed on, we are all very happy with Live Lingua.

Evalyn E. Sales Director

I’ve really enjoyed learning a new language through Live Lingua. My teacher is great, mixing casual conversation into lessons and teaching concepts through example situations that you would actually encounter in everyday life. I find having the immediate feedback from a native speaker to be invaluable. The website makes it super easy to schedule and reschedule lessons.

Mikhail S. Unknown

I would like to take this chance to say 'merci beaucoup' to everybody in Live Lingua from my new home in Toulouse, France! The hardest part in moving to a new country is learning the language; especially if you are my age. You guys made the whole thing much easier, the two teachers I worked with not only helped me learn French, they also helped me learn about France. One was actually from Toulouse and I meet her in person for a coffee the other day. Thank you all so much for all your help and I will definately be preaching about you to people I meet here!

Charles G. Retired

It was very difficult for me to find a good French teacher in my country of Nigeria, but a friend recommended Live Lingua to me. They were perfect. I been studying with then for over a year and am making great progress.

Mbutu L. Teacher

• You are going to love your teacher(s) • You will make surprisingly fast progress • You will develop the confidence to speak French I have been taking French classes twice a week for 10 months with two different teachers. Our conversations have gone from my lacking confidence in the simplest of greetings to the sort you would hold with a fascinating friend: travel, movies, daily life, current events, geopolitics, energy policy, and so forth. These one-on-one lessons are invaluable for advancing your speaking skills and confidence. I find the website very easy to use. Just access your teacher’s calendar and select the dates/times that fit your schedule. If you encounter any difficulties, the Live Lingua team is very responsive. I also appreciate not being bombarded with junk email. You will receive confirmation of each class you register for and receive a class reminder the day of. They also offered a holiday discount promotion at Christmas which I took advantage of. Aside from that, the management team seems to get out of the way and let the teachers do their thing. If you want to jump start your French give Live Lingua a try.

Karen B. Unknown

Live Linqua provides an exciting format with excellent teachers to help French learners discover their way of learning. Shout out to Emily who embodies this approach.

David R. Unknown

My teacher is Noah and he's awesome! He makes the classes fun and interesting. He prepares an amazing lesson everytime and there's always something new. In his evaluation for me, he said that I need to improve my vocabulary. Immediately he changed his classes to feature a lot of different topics. The care and attention that he puts into the class is 11/10. I would recommend (and have!) Live Lingua to ANYONE!

Zoe D. CRM Marketing Coordinator

Live Lingua is a great way to learn a language and/or to improve on prior language lessons. Having taken lessons in high school, the focus was on verb construction and vocabulary. With Live Lingua's native language speaker and language expert, I can now work on pronouncing these words so I will be understood in another country. And most of the time my prior 'book learning-pronunciations were waaaaaaaaaaaay off!

Carol L. Unknown

I wanted to share how it's been for my first few lessons with Cedric. When I had my 30-minute trial lesson and assessment, I felt very good that Cedric understood what I was hoping to gain from future lessons. Since then, he has been everything I hoped for and more. My hope was to have someone who could help me "dust off" my French and help with some of the finer rules that I have forgotten, vocabulary, and so on. I do not need to study for any exam. This is purely for my own personal growth. Cedric has done a fantastic job with maintaining conversations with me, being patient when I try to remember an old word and encouraging me at the right times with the correct word or phrase. I had originally asked for him to be honest with correctly when I got a phrase wrong or got the wrong gender for a word, and so on, but not to stop me mid-sentence because that would be unnerving. Cedric is the model for how all tutors should be. Here's an example of how he handled that request. I was sharing a story of when I lived in France and introduced myself to a group. I used a literal translation of "i introduced myself." He let me finish the story and then politely said, "Just for your own knowledge, everyone would understand that phrase. To sound more native, we would say "I presented myself" instead of "I introduced myself." He has been like that all along with me so far. He doesn't "correct me", he will just subtly step in when needed to say, "To sound more native, here's what I suggest." He creates such a relaxed environment where I feel like I can grow and advance. My goal was to be able to have little lists of questions that arise that we can discuss, to have good conversation, to have my vocabulary stretched, and to THEN worry about a lesson if we have time. I have no need for a structured lesson. Again, I'm not studying for anything. This is a treat for myself. So, he provides a lesson. If we get to it, that's great. If not, it's because he's been free with letting me go through my list of questions and to discuss what was on my mind. Like, for this week, I saw a documentary about the big fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral. The interviews were all in French, and I had learned a few new words. He verified that I had understood them correctly. We talked about accents and various regions and went through my long list of questions. I left the lesson beyond satisfied. He is exactly what I had wished for. I have already been telling people about Live Lingua and trying to get them to sign up!

Michael M. Unknown

I’ve been learning French with Live Lingua for a year now and am very happy with the experience. The pricing structure is competitive and is the most flexible learning platform I’ve found; I appreciate that I can schedule variable lesson lengths from 30 min up to 2 hrs and can vary the time or days which works well for me, as well as take a break for a while to suit my schedule. My teacher, Noah, has taught me not only essential grammar and vocabulary but also introduced me to elements of French culture; as I am now living in a francophone country this is really useful. There is a good mix of written and listening homework to complement conversation in class. My son has also recently started 1:1 classes too which he’s responded well to. The Live Lingua website is user friendly and the support team have been really good, super fast responses and able to answer any questions. I’d recommend this platform

Gemma N. Unknown

Thank you. I got a total of 92,50/100 with individual scores as Comprehension 23,50/25, Production 23,50/25, Comprehension oral 22,00/25, Production oral 23,50/25. on the B2 DELF exam.

Hansel G. Doctor

[Bonjour! My experience with [my French teacher] and Live Lingua has been nothing but great. The classes are tailor made for me and I love the flexibility. I definately recommend Live Lingua.

Aaron K. Mining Engineer

I wanted to thank you very much for the great service provided by your company, and the fabulous instruction I had with [My French Teacher]. I was taking lessons to brush up on my French in preparation for an exam. I had the exam this past Friday, and I got the score that I needed. So a great success! I would highly recommend [My French Teacher], she was great at focusing the lessons on what I needed to succeed. And, quite enjoyable to work with! I would definitely use your company again if I needed language training in French or any other language in the future, and happy to recommend you to anyone else in search of language instruction.

Kristine K. Diplomat

Great Experience

Lucas S. Unknown

There are many options for you to learn French on Skype these days, but take it from me, Live Lingua is the only service I have tried that really delivers. I have recommeneded them to all my friends.

Elenor M. Construction

[Translated from Spanish] Thank you very much for the opportunity to study French with you. [My company] signed me up for these classes because I deal with a number of French speakers from France and Canada, and they have helped me a lot. As you know, we have already gotten two of my co-workers signed up with you as well. They also are loving the classes.

Julio N. Customer Service Rep.

Thank you very much for the great service provided by your company, and the fabulous instruction I had with Cйline. I was taking lessons to brush up on my French in preparation for an exam. I had the exam this past Friday, and I got the score that I needed. So a great success! I would highly recommend Cйline, she was great at focusing the lessons on what I needed to succeed. And, quite enjoyable to work with! I would definitely use your company again if I needed language training in French or any other language in the future, and happy to recommend you to anyone else in search of language instruction.

Kristine K. Unknown

I have wanted to learn French my whole live, but have not had a chance until now. Thank you Live Lingua French for giving me this opportunity.

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