Have you ever wanted to learn German? Have you tried lessons at a local school, expensive software and books and still have trouble speaking German? Do you want to learn how to communicate with people from Europe’s largest economy in their native language? The answer to all these questions and more can be found with the total German immersion program at the Live Lingua online German school. Skype German Lessons & more. And best of all, you can try a full 60 minute Skype lessons with a professional German teacher for FREE!

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Free 60 Minute Trial German Lesson With Skype

Are you considering Live Lingua language school for your German learning needs? Do you want to try a class first to see if it is what you are looking for? No problem! We will arrange a free 60 minute Skype German lesson for you so you can try us risk free. Tutors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more...

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Learn More German But Pay Less money.

How do we do it? We hire German tutors who actually live in their own country where the cost of living is less, and pass the saving on to you. We also offer total flexibility in their classes. You can buy as many or as few Skype German lessons as you would like. No minimum purchase necessary. Find out more...

Native German Speakers

Native German Speaking Teachers

Our German teachers from the Germany are the best in the industry. They all bring with them years of teaching experience. All have university degrees; many have Masters and PhD's. Additionally, they are required to speak a second language in addition to German. Find out more...

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Why Learn German?

Where is German Spoken?

The German Language

The German language - known by natives as Deutsch - is the native language in the country of Germany. It is currently spoken by over 100 million people as a native tongue. In addition to Germany, the German language is also spoken in Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol (Italy), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and in parts of Belgium.

The bases of the German language can be traced back to the Old Saxon languages and the High Germanic languages. Germany, as we know it today, was originally composed of multiple different kingdoms, so it was not until the early 14th century that the language become more normalized and this process did not finish until the 18th century.

In the modern world, Germany is one of Europe's economic super powers, and German companies are among some of the largest and most successful international companies. Learning German can be essential to anybody involved in business, travel or history.

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You can try a free 60 minute Skype lesson at the Live Lingua online language school to see if our service is what you are looking for. No credit card required, and no commitment. The only risk is learning another language!

Try A Free Skype German Lesson

Want Some Free German Learning Resources too?

There is no better way to learn a German than take classes with a native speaking teacher over Skype. Unfortunately, with German as with many other languages spoken in the developed world it is hard for people from countries with lower income to be able to pay for the lessons. To help people who are not able to afford a live tutor, Live Lingua German is proud to bring you these free German ebook and audio courses. Genießen!

German Introduction Course

Getting started with learning German? This German introduction course made by the U.S. State department can help you pick up the basics right away!

German Basics Course - 1

This German course will start you on an indepth study of the German language guided by text and audios. The lessons use the "Guided Immitation" method.

German Basics Course - 2

This is the second part of the the German Basics Course 1. You will continue building on the knowledge you already have and learn some more advanced German.

German FAST course

Want to learn German fast? Unfortunately, that is not possible. Learning a language takes time. But this course can get you communicative in a short time.

/// Skype GERMAN Student Testimonials

Find out what our German students have said about their learning experiences at Live Lingua.

German Student Testimonials

  • [My German tutor] is the best I have had in my life. She goes faster when I need and slows down when I need. Other services promise customized curriculums, but Live Lingua really delivers.

    Ed S.
  • Excellent. That is all I can say. My experience with Live Lingua [German] has been everything I hoped for. I will definitely be recommend this to friends.

    Arnout F.
  • I was looking for somebody to practice my German with as I am advanced. But I wanted more than just a language exchange. I wanted a teacher who would correct me and give me feedback. Live Lingua is what I was looking for.

    Claudia Q.
  • German teachers are very expensive and not very good in Japan, but with Live Lingua I was able to find a German teacher from Germany at an affordable cost.

    Shinji K.
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