Meet the Live Lingua German Teachers

What makes Live Lingua German teachers exceptional amazing the best ?

  • Ute Nangreave Profile Photo Ute Nangreave From: Austria

    Ute is a German native speaker from Austria, living in Lichfield, England. She started teaching German as a Foreign Language at the Berlitz Language Centre in 2000 and has since taught in various language institutions in the private & public...

    Meet Ute
  • Barbara Grabski Profile Photo Barbara Grabski From: Austria

    Barbara was born in Vienna, Austria. She has lived in Spain, United Kingdom, France and Poland where she has been teaching German to kids as an Au-Pair, to university students and adults of international backgrounds. She currently resides in...

    Meet Barbara
  • Inda Daniela Hartlein Profile Photo Inda Daniela Hartlein From: Germany

    Inda grew up and studied in Freiburg, Germany but was born in Argentina, close to The Andes, to German and Argentinian parents. She has a Master's degree in teaching Spanish and English as a second language from the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität...

    Meet Inda
  • Tanja Baumhammel Profile Photo Tanja Baumhammel From: Germany

    Tanja was born and grew up in a village in Bavaria, Germany. During her studies and employment she has been living in different cities in Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Chile. She has a master’s degree in teaching German from the Phillips-...

    Meet Tanja
  • Sebastian Morgret Profile Photo Sebastian Morgret From: Germany

    Sebastian was born in the northern part of Germany. Since his early teens he has liked to have a lot of contact with foreigners. Later he moved abroad and has been living in South America or several years. Firstly in Paraguay and now in Brazil...

    Meet Sebastian
  • Anja Sammon Profile Photo Anja Sammon From: Germany

    Anja is a native of Germany and from the "Hessen" region, which is known for speaking the clearest German. With more than 20 years of teaching experience, she qualified as Secondary School German teacher at the University of Munich and has been...

    Meet Anja
  • Ray Blakney (Test Teacher) Profile Photo Ray Blakney (Test Teacher) From: USA

    This is a test account. You should never see this.This is a test account. You should never see this.This is a test account. You should never see this.This is a test account. You should never see this.This is a test account. You should never...

    Meet Ray Blakney
  • Liv Hyunsin Kim Profile Photo Liv Hyunsin Kim From: Germany

    Hyunsin Kim, a German and Korean native speaker, has been teaching for 7 years to diverse people from all over the world. She also works as a professional interpreter and translator and her clients among others included the Ministry of Justice,...

    Meet Liv Hyunsin
  • Alexandra Metzner Profile Photo Alexandra Metzner From: Germany

    I have been teaching German in different countries and to all different ages. I like to guide my students to get a feeling for the language. Yes, I give homework, but just as in my classes they will be very interactive. I am always available if...

    Meet Alexandra
  • Clause Schroeder Profile Photo Clause Schroeder From: Germany

    Clause has a degree in philosophy from the Goethe University in Frankfurt, German. He has taught German to foreigners in Germany, Thailand, and Colombia and has been teaching online since 2013. He loves the freedom of teaching students online...

    Meet Clause
  • Claudia Beukmann Profile Photo Claudia Beukmann From: Germany

    Claudia can speak fluent German (native), English(native), and Japanese(advanced) languages. She is originally from Germany but now lives in the Philippines. She started teaching in 1993 in Japan, where in the process she learned how to speak...

    Meet Claudia
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