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German FAST - Lesson 01 - Vocabulary

German FAST - Lesson 02 - Dialog

German FAST - Lesson 02 - Vocabulary

German FAST - Lesson 03 - Dialog

German FAST - Lesson 03 - Vocabulary

German FAST - Lesson 04 - Dialog

German FAST - Lesson 04 - Vocabulary

German FAST - Lesson 05 - Dialog

German FAST - Lesson 05 - Vocabulary

German FAST - Lesson 06 - Dialog

German FAST - Lesson 06 - Vocabulary

German FAST - Lesson 07 - Dialog

German FAST - Lesson 07 - Vocabulary

German FAST - Lesson 08 - Dialog

German FAST - Lesson 08 - Vocabulary

German FAST - Lesson 09 - Dialog

German FAST - Lesson 09 - Vocabulary

German FAST - Lesson 10 - Dialog

German FAST - Lesson 10 - Vocabulary

Foreign Service Institute german  - Image The ten lessons in this FSI German FAST course focus on practical situations useful for getting around in German-speaking countries, Austria. Germany and Switzerland. The language notes explain the grammar of the language as exemplified in situational dialogues. The cultural notes comment on different customs and cultural aspects of the German-speaking people as they come up in the situations.

The course requires the guidance of a trained instructor who is a native speaker of German or one who has near native proficiency. It is intended to be the basic material in an intensive eight-week program involving six hours of class each day. Each lesson has a different number of sample dialogues within one overall topic. Students learn the material following a sequence of steps.

The FAST course standing for "familiarization and short-term", was developed to address the needs for a brief but high-yielding program. It is more than just a language course. Using a language, after all. is only one part of what people do as they live and work together. The purpose of the FAST course is to prepare you for just that--for living and working side by side with people whose language and customs are different from your own. With a language instructor the course will teach you to speak and understand some of the language. and you will also learn a lot about the people who use it--where they live, what they do. what they expect from one another, and what they will expect from you.

This FAST course is challenging, intensive and, above all, practical. It is also complete in the sense that the most common situations are included. It is designed to develop your confidence to use the language you know. In short, a FAST course aims at getting immediate results. FAST course graduates are language users.

Unlike most traditional language programs, a FAST course is organized around selected situations, not around bits of the language. The situations are those encountered by most US Government employees in daily life; some common office situations are also included.

German is a West Germanic language. It derives most of its vocabulary from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. A number of words are derived from Latin and Greek, and fewer from French and English. Widely spoken languages which are most similar to German include Luxembourgish, Dutch, the Frisian languages, English and the Scandinavian languages.

German is spoken in: Germany

German is also called: Alemanic, Alemannic, Alemannisch, Alsacien, Alsatian, Elsaessisch, German

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