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Why are we so confident that you will like your German learning experience at Live Lingua German? This is because we have already worked with hundreds of German students from around the world. They have had different German levels and professional backgrounds. And with them we have had hundreds of happy students. Would you like to be one of them? You can try us risk free.

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"This was the 3rd Skype German service I had tried. The first two were online directories with German tutors, but the quality of the teachers was very low, and there was no actual staff to help me if I had problems with the teachers. Live Lingua [German] school is a much better option. I have had 2 tutors with them and both have been excellent, and I like knowing that there is a real person I can talk to to take care of any problems I have with my classes. If you are like me and looking for a better option, Live Lingua is the right choice." Herbert D. - VP of Human Resources
"The German lessons with Live Lingua were perfect for somebody with my profession. I am constantly moving around for my job in the military and was never able to keep up with my studies, but with the Skype lessons it does not matter when in the world I am, I can always have class." Eric S. - Military
"I have always wanted to learn German, but with life and kids I never had a chance. Now that I am grown up, and my kids are all away from home - with one grand-child on the way - I can finally realize my goal. Thank you Live Lingua for helping." Ariana L. - Retired
"I was looking for somebody to practice my German with as I am advanced. But I wanted more than just a language exchange. I wanted a teacher who would correct me and give me feedback. Live Lingua is what I was looking for." Claudia Q. - Sales Manager
"[My German tutor] is the best I have had in my life. She goes faster when I need and slows down when I need. Other services promise customized curriculums, but Live Lingua really delivers." Ed S. - Unknown
"For the highest quality of education Live Lingua German school online is the only choice. I have been using them for years and even recommend it to my students at my school here in Kenya." Ogumbu M. - PhD
"German teachers are very expensive and not very good in Japan, but with Live Lingua I was able to find a German teacher from Germany at an affordable cost." Shinji K. - Grad Student
"Excellent. That is all I can say. My experience with Live Lingua [German] has been everything I hoped for. I will definately be recommend this to friends." Arnout F. - Unknown
"Live Lingua is the best German school online!" Petrey M. - Student