The Spanish conditional tense can be used in numerous situations. Primarily they are used to make polite request or speak about hypothetical situations that may come to pass.

Yo hablé enfrente de la clase el viernes. I spoke in front of the class on Friday.

The following charts show the verb “endings” for all regular verbs in the Conditional Tense.

Remember: these verb charts are only a tool to use while one is learning the language. In other words, one must eventually forget the verb chart and it must become second nature.

Personal Pronoun Ending Example (hablar)
Yo -ía hablaría
Tu -ías hablarías
El/Ella -ía hablaría
Nosotros -íamos hablaríamos
Vosotros -íais hablaríais
Ellos/Ellas -ían hablarían
Personal Pronoun Ending Example (compartir)
Yo -ía compartiría
Tu -ías compartirías
El/Ella -ía compartiría
Nosotros -íamos compartiríamos
Vosotros -íais compartiríais
Ellos/Ellas -ían compartirían
Personal Pronoun Ending Example (comer)
Yo -ía comería
Tu -ías comerías
El/Ella -ía comería
Nosotros -íamos comeríamos
Vosotros -íais comeríais
Ellos/Ellas -ían comerían

The above endings are added to the infinitive. Do not drop the original endings.

1) the tense - when the action of the verb is taking place; and
2) the person - who is performing the action of the verb.

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