Do you want to learn how to conjugate Spanish -ER verbs in past perfect tense? You have come to the right place. Just scroll down to find the Spanish verb you want, and click on the tense to get started.

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INSTRUCTIONS: All the past perfect tense -ER verbs below are in alphabetical order going from left to right. Just find the word you want to study and click on the button to bring up the full Past Perfect tense conjugation chart for the word.

acontecer agradecer amanecer aparecer aprender atender atraer atreverse barrer beber caber caer coger comer componer comprender conocer contener convencer correr coser crecer creer deber defender depender desagradecer desaparecer descender deshacer detener detenerse devolver doler ejercer encender enflaquecer enflaquecerse enriquecer enriquecerse entender entretener envejecer envejecerse escoger esconder esconderse establecer exponer extender florecer fortalecer hacer leer llover mantener merecer meter mover moverse nacer obedecer obtener ofender ofrecer oler oponer oponerse padecer parecer perder permanecer pertenecer poder poner ponerse prever prometer proponer proteger querer recoger reconocer renacer resolver responder romper saber satisfacer ser soler sorprender suceder suponer tañer temer tener torcer toser traer valer vencer vender ver volver yacer
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