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We've helped over 12,000 students just like you meet their Spanish language fluency goals

"I was definitely nervous about my trial class, but my tutor Carolina immediately identified a way to chip away at the wall. By the end of the 30 minutes, I was already feeling better about my Spanish than I had in years."

Jane D.
— Digital Nomad

"My teacher knows how to push me just enough to keep me learning but no so much that I get discouraged. So far it has been a wonderful experience."

Jane A.
— Judge

"I change teachers every 3-4 months to get exposed to new teaching styles and I have not had a bad teacher yet."

Paula P.
— College Profesor

"I felt like I was really part of a school and that the people actually cared about me and whether I learned Spanish or not."

Gina S.
— Store Manager

"My Spanish teacher has been great. I have been taking Spanish classes for 2 years now and I just took my first trip to Mexico and was able to talk to everybody."

James L.
— Lawyer

"I'm absolutely loving my Spanish lessons with Live Lingua! For someone who travels full time, I was worried about how I would manage to stay on top of my Spanish learning. But with the flexibility of classes, taking lessons has been super convenient."

Shannon D.
— Google Review

"I had a wonderful experience using Live Lengua to brush up on Spanish I learned in high school and college."

Bridgette H.
— Google Review

An Online Spanish Language School That's as Unique As You Are

At Live Lingua we believe learning a new language brings people conversation at a time.

From your first Spanish lesson with your hand-picked tutor, to the day when you're

  • Asking for directions on a busy street
  • Ordering a meal in a bustling cafe
  • Laughing and chatting with new friends
  • Communicating with colleagues
A personal guide in your journey to another culture

When you can speak with people without barriers, your world expands.

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Your personalized path to fluency starts with our interactive Learning Style Quiz.

Because how you learn is as important to us as what you'll learn.

No more rote or repetitious grammar lessons or endless memorization drills. Your university trained Spanish tutor will design a custom program for you. The materials will unleash your language learning superpower. And the accountability from your tutor will springboard you to Spanish speaking success.

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In 2008, we took our award-winning in-person immersion based language learning program online.

Now you can experience the joy of learning a new language from the convenience and comfort of home.

Technology allows us to teach people all over the world. But we've never lost sight of the human-centered approach to language learning. It's why our students get real results.

Live Lingua doesn't shoehorn you into a one size fits none approach to language learning.

During your Spanish lessons, your private tutor will be there to capture and celebrate your wins in real time. Your teacher will give you feedback on your pronunciation in a safe space. You'll realize you're thinking and speaking in Spanish. That's the native-level proficiency that comes from an immersive cultural exchange.

We have experienced tutors who speak and teach in all the most popular Spanish dialects. We customize your Spanish language program in ways apps and other platforms can't duplicate.

Your personalized path to fluency starts with our interactive Learning Style Quiz.

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