I've had an amazing experience with Live Lingua finding a teacher for learning Italian online. Matteo is a great teacher as well as someone I get on really well and look forward to my classes.

Rita A. Unknown

Flexible hours and affordable prices. I did not believe it when I saw it, but after using Live Lingua [Italian] for over 6 months it is all true.

Victoria E. Camp Manager

I am loving my Skype classes with Live Lingua. What a fantastic idea.

Julio I. Store Manager

I really love the ease of this site- finding appointments, the reminders the day of your class- the flexibility of having different lengths of classes. I have really loved it!

Gabriela Y. Unknown

Ciao. If you have every wanted to learn this romatic and beautiful language, now is your chance. Live Lingua [Italian] has made the experience fun and affordable for me.

Isaac E. Business Consultant

When I retired my wife and I moved to the coast of Italy to a small fishing village. The problem was that we did not speak much Italian, and there were no Italian teachers in town. Live Lingua saved us both. [My Italian Teacher] is great and we now have Italian friends all around town. Even at our age it is not too late to learn a new language.

Diante M. Retired

This is fantastic, and also so much fun. I am learning so much Italian and I can have the classes whenever I want. Let me also say that [my Italian tutor] is great. He makes it so that even a difficult student like me can learn. Gratzi!

Helen M. Retired

[My Italian tutor] is the greatest. I like the way that he teaches and he can even speak Chinese. Thank you teacher.

Wuiping X. IT Manager

My husband and I retired to a small fishing village on the coast of Italy and we wanted to be able to communicate with the locals, but there were no good Italian teachers. Live Lingau was our solution.

Jan & Mare M. Retired

I have been a Live Lingua customer for several years and appreciate their straightforward, easy to use system, including the wide choice of teachers and flexibility provided to choose and even change if necessary. They are reliable and provide very good customer service, answering questions quickly and efficiently. I have been very fortunate in my choice of Italian teacher Luisa Ardigo who provides excellent, very professional instruction. She is always on time to the minute for our lessons and flexible when necessary. It is obvious that Luisa loves her job, her enthusiasm mixed with her vast cultural knowledge has given me so much more than a language, it has brought me into the heart of Italy. I look forward to my weekly lessons with sheer pleasure thanks to her!

Kathryn E. Unknown

I am currently studying Italian with Giusseppe. He is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He is funny, patient and provides with the tools needed to learn. Always motivating me to speak and put on practice what I am learning

Carlos L. Unknown

Mio insegnante e una grande insegnante, mi piace molto le nostre lezione! Parliamo molto, che aiuta me capire la lingua e ricordare come pronunciare corretta. Esercizi, che facciamo sono molto interessante e divertente. Le leczione con diverse risorse, testi delle canzoni, giochi e immagini. E 'stata una grande esperienza! Grazie mille!

Talia B. Marketing

Stefania is great. I've really enjoyed working with Stefania and Live Lingua and I plan to be a customer for many more years. Thank you.

John P. Unknown

Skype Italian lessons, what a great idea. What a great mix of technology and education. I believe this is the future, and Live Lingua [Italian] is at the cutting edge of it.

Schmidt B. Retired

My Italian tutor is amazingly patient, knowledgeable, and reliable. As an older learner, I need lots of repetition and often feel like a total idiot but she never seems to mind. Because she is highly educated and intelligent, we always have interesting things to discuss. I love my sessions and have learned so much!

Kathryn T. Unknown

I have an excellent teacher . his name is Giuseppe Croce as I learn Italian. He is very prepared for the lessons, gives proactive feedback and helps me learn more. What i like is that he asked me what is my learning goal and we focused on that.

Daniela R. Unknown

I had an advanced level of Italian due to the time I had spent in Seminary in the Vatican, but once I got assigned to my congregation, I was not able to keep my level up. I noticed the last time I visited Italy that I had lost a lot of my fluency. That is when I found Live Lingua. I can feel the cobwebs being cleared out of my head already and the Italian is returning. Gratzi.

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