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  • Stefania Giancane Profile Photo Stefania Giancane From: Italy

    Stefania was born and lives in lovely Southern Italy. She has an M.A. degree and a PhD in Foreign Languages and Literatures and has been working as an Italian teacher for many years. She also taught languages at the Università Degli Studi di...

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  • Marina Kaffes Profile Photo Marina Kaffes From: Italy

    Marina was born near the Italian Alps in Pordenone and raised bilingually in Athens, Greece. She has a teaching degree from the Università degli Studi di Padova and has been teaching Italian since 2003 for the prestigious Istituto Italiano di...

    Meet Marina
  • Enrico Di Giovanni Profile Photo Enrico Di Giovanni From: Italy

    Enrico Di Giovanni is a native Italian speaker with more than seven years’ experience teaching adults, teenagers, and children, individuals, and groups. He has worked as a language teacher in Italy and abroad, in the United States, in Russia...

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  • Margherita Bucci Profile Photo Margherita Bucci From: Italy

    Margherita was born in Italy, in a small village close to Ferrara (north of Italy). She got her bachelor degree in Linguistics and Italian Sign Language and her master degree in Language Education both from the University of Venice. She also has...

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  • Stefania Massaro Profile Photo Stefania Massaro From: Italy

    Stefania was born in Italy, in a small village near the border with Switzerland. She holds a Master's degree in Languages and Cultures from the University of Milan. Stefania is an experienced Italian teacher that has worked as a language...

    Meet Stefania
  • Lavinia Milena Cecora Profile Photo Lavinia Milena Cecora From: Italy

    Lavinia is a native Italian speaker, she was born in Naples. She has a Master Degree in French and Italian Languages, Literature & Culture from the University of Padova (Italy) and University of Grenoble (France). Lavinia had some teaching...

    Meet Lavinia Milena
  • Luisa Ardigo Profile Photo Luisa Ardigo From: Italy

    Since 1994, Luisa has dedicated herself to translating and teaching thanks to her travels, abroad studies, foreign reading and writing. Luisa provides fun and customized lessons based on the student's goals. She also tries to minimize English...

    Meet Luisa
  • Matteo Preabianca Profile Photo Matteo Preabianca From: Italy

    Matteo has a solid background in translating and teaching from English, French, Chinese, and Spanish into Italian. Presently, he is working, above all, as a Teacher, Translator and Freelancer Interpreter. Matteo has a Bachelor degree in Cultural...

    Meet Matteo
  • Massimiliano Sivieri Profile Photo Massimiliano Sivieri From: Italy

    Max was born in Italy in 1982. He has a Ph.D. in Art History and Museology and he has been working as an Italian, Spanish, and English teacher since 2010. He has traveled a lot around Europe and he has lived in Wales, Spain and now in Mexico. He...

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