/// Live Lingua Japanese: Japanese Headstart - 2

This is the second part of the Japanese Headstart course. If you have not already done so, please work through Japanese Headstart 1 before working through the course below. This course will build on the Japanese basics you study in the first section to try get your Japanese up to survival level as quickly as possible.

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Japanese 2 Audios

  • Unit 6- Part A
  • Unit 6- Part B
  • Unit 6- Part C
  • Unit 6- Part D
  • Unit 7- Part A
  • Unit 7- Part B
  • Unit 7- Part C
  • Unit 7- Part D
  • Unit 8- Part A
  • Unit 8- Part B
  • Unit 8- Part C
  • Unit 8- Part D
  • Unit 9- Part A
  • Unit 9- Part B
  • Unit 9- Part C
  • Unit 9- Part D
/// Skype JAPANESE Student Testimonials

Find out what our Japanese students have said about their learning experiences at Live Lingua.

Japanese Student Testimonials

  • Japanese is not an easy language to learn, but with a great teacher it is achievable, even for somebody of my age. [My Japanese teacher] is great, and the Live Lingua service is wonderful.

    Lenny A.
  • I have wanted to learn Japanese for as long as I could remember. When I was a kid I was facinated by their culture and language, and now thanks to Live Lingua I can finally learn.

    Graciela C.
  • We hired Live Lingua to teach our kids. The teacher is fun and patient with them, and they look forward to their class every week.

    Marie A.
  • You can stop your search. You have found the best Skype Japanese lessons on the web here at Live Lingua. I speak from experience!

    Evgenia D.
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