Akemi was born in Hyogo, in the city of Nishinomiya. After high school she moved to Osaka.
She was interested in different cultures around the world, so after taking a Portuguese course in Osaka, she visited many countries, including Brazil. She had fantastic experiences learning about different cultures while she spent time with the locals.
After that she opened private and group Japanese classes with her friend. They rented a room in a kindergarten in Ibaraki Japan, where there was a large Brazilian community and started teaching Japanese to the Portuguese speaking people there. Eventually, some of the students were able to apply for a Japanese car license.
Their Japanese class was going well, still, she had another thing that she wanted to try. She decided to take a makeup artist course. She left the Japanese language class to her partner, and she began to work as a hair and makeup artist in a beauty salon.
In 2008, after marrying a Portuguese man she started to work for translation company in Japan as she didn’t forget her passion for Japanese language.
She has TESOL and Japanese-Second Language Acquisition Certificate. Currently she is living in Portugal, sometimes working as a bridal makeup artist but she also enjoys teaching her language to foreigners all over the world as a Japanese teacher again.

Teaching Japanese as a second language since 2003.

I speak a total of 5 languages:
Japanese (Native), Portuguese (Advanced), English (Intermediate), Spanish (Basic), Nepali (Basic).

I've visited or lived in the following countries: Japan, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Belgium, England, United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, Hong Kong, Macau, South Africa, Morocco

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