With years' of experience as a Japanese Language Teacher, he is adept in developing and implementing lessons/courses, managing students, and helping students advance their understanding of Japanese language and culture. Moreover, while his on-the-job experience has afforded him a well-rounded skill set, including first-rate people and administrative abilities, he excels at:

• Increasing student concentration, participation, and accountability.
• Creating hands-on lessons to promote interest.
• Bringing you the best and most innovative "Business Japanese".
• Tutoring and mentoring individual students.
• Supporting for the JLPT test N1-N5 Levels available.
• Supporting for the JBT and EJU Japanese, also available.

Teaching Japanese as a second language since 2003.

I speak a total of 3 languages:
Japanese (Native), English (Advanced), German (Basic).

I've visited or lived in the following countries: Japan

I teach Japanese to help you...

Speak with native Japanese speakers wherever you meet them.

Get fully prepared for your Japanese exam

Develop yourself and open up new opportunities in your life.

"We hired Live Lingua to teach our kids. The teacher is fun and patient with them, and they look forward to their class every week." Marie A. - Proud Mother

"Japanese is not an easy language to learn, but with a great teacher it is achievable, even for somebody of my age. [My Japanese teacher] is great, and the Live Lingua service is wonderful." Lenny A. - Retired

"I started learning Japanese with Miss Akemi in 2020 and it has been almost two years. Miss Akemi is an awesome teacher! She's professional, organized, responsible, patient, and has a great deal of teaching experiences. She understands my needs and picks most suitable materials for me based on my learning progress. I'm glad I started learning Japanese with Live Lingua and have Miss Akemi as my teacher." Alice M. - Unknown

"I have wanted to learn Japanese for as long as I could remember. When I was a kid I was facinated by their culture and language, and now thanks to Live Lingua I can finally learn." Graciela C. - Student

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