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Thank you for your interest in working with Live Lingua, the worlds first online language immersion school. We are always looking for more qualified staff to add to our team.

Current Openings

We work for our teachers

Unlike many other online tutor sites, Live Lingua is not another tutor directory. We are an online language school. What does this mean for you as a teacher?

  • Full-time support staff to help you with:
    • Problems with your students.
    • Technical issues with your computer.
    • Academic help if you need guidance on material or techniques.
    • Advice on how best to teach your dog to play fetch (meet Frida).
  • Student filtering. We turn away just over 25% of the students who apply for classes because they are deemed as spam or students not likely to sign up. This means, you as the teacher don't have to waste your time giving trials to students trying to get a free lesson. Of course, we are not perfect and some get through, but we do our best to save you the trouble.
  • Student pairing service. We don't just randomly assign you students. We use our knowledge of you, the information from the student and our own internal algorithm together to pair you with students who are a good fit for you. Each pairing is done by a human (one of our class coordinators). This again, helps you get paying students as quickly as possible.
  • Continuing training for teachers. We arrange regular webinars to help teachers improve their teaching skills.
  • Profile review. Many of our teachers are not native English speakers, and those who are, are not sales copywriters, so with that in mind we have a staff member who helps tweak your profile to help get the most student requests.

What Do Our Teachers Say:

"I have been teaching English for a while now with a number of different companies, and Live Lingua is, hands down, the best. I am very happy teaching with Live Lingua."

- Joanna Cuningham

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