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  • Jiin Jung Profile Photo Jiin Jung From: Korea, South

    Hello. My name is Jiin and I was born and grew up in South Korea. I went to university in Indiana (USA). I studied business and I like teaching Korean to foreigners. I think it is great that people want to know about my country. I had a part...

    Meet Jiin
  • Jooyeon Park Profile Photo Jooyeon Park From: Korea, South

    Jooyeon has been teaching general Korean language classes and TOPIK preparation courses since 2012. She also has additional training in how to teach Korean online. She loves cooking and learning new recipes. She is looking forward to meeting...

    Meet Jooyeon
  • Myoungjin Kwon Klein Profile Photo Myoungjin Kwon Klein From: Korea, South

    Myoungjin has worked as a Korean and English teacher in South Korea and the United States. She can teach Korean to students of all levels and ages. She likes to study languages, cook, knit and take photos...

    Meet Myoungjin
  • Chloe Jihyun Yang Profile Photo Chloe Jihyun Yang From: Korea, South

    안녕하세요! Chloe is from Seoul, South Korea. She has taught Korean in Korea, China, Malaysia and Canada and has met various international students for teaching Korean. She has a degree Teaching Korean Language as a Second Language and...

    Meet Chloe
  • Kyujin Lee Profile Photo Kyujin Lee From: Korea, South

    Kyujin has taught Korean in a variety of settings, including a US university, a high school summer camp, and a weekend school for Korean heritage children in the US. Prior to teaching Korean, Kyujin worked as an ESL instructor. Kyujin loves...

    Meet Kyujin
  • MeeAe Kim Profile Photo MeeAe Kim From: Korea, South

    MeeAe is from Seoul, South Korea, lives in the U.S and is bilingual. She holds a degree in education and a teaching license from Korea, and she is a TOPIK and KPE specialist who loves to help people who want to go to a Korean college or company...

    Meet MeeAe
  • Lydia Kim Profile Photo Lydia Kim From: Korea, South

    Lydia, an expert with more than 15 years experience of teaching in universities, schools and privately, can teach students with all age groups with knowledge and skills. She holds Masters degree in translation & interpreting (Eng- Kor), TESOL...

    Meet Lydia
  • Hea Jin Lee Profile Photo Hea Jin Lee From: Korea, South

    Claire is a native Korean speaker and has successfully completed the training course for 'Teaching Korean as a second language'. She has lots of experience of teaching Korean grammar and conversation. She has been a Korean tutor for more than 3...

    Meet Hea Jin
  • Liv Hyunsin Kim Profile Photo Liv Hyunsin Kim From: Korea, South

    Hyunsin Kim, a German and Korean native speaker, has been teaching for 7 years to diverse people from all over the world. She also works as a professional interpreter and translator and her clients among others included the Ministry of Justice,...

    Meet Liv Hyunsin
  • Jin-Hee Park Profile Photo Jin-Hee Park From: Korea, South

    Jin is a certified teacher and has a Master's degree in second language teaching. She has extensive teaching experience from her interaction with students in a classroom as well from teaching Korean to English speakers. She tailors her teaching...

    Meet Jin-Hee
  • Misunn Bae Profile Photo Misunn Bae From: Korea, South

    Misunn was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and has 5 sisters and 1 brother. She studied Public Health. Upon graduation, she worked as an entrepreneur, growing a family business. Misunn is an avid reader, and enjoys classical music and learning...

    Meet Misunn
  • Hye Eun Jennifer Kwon Profile Photo Hye Eun Jennifer Kwon From: Korea, South

    Hi everyone! Ahnyeonghaseyo! My name is Jennifer or Hye Eun. I teach Korean and English. I have taught Korean at Berlitz Canada, and also taught English at Woosong University in South Korea for a number of years. My hobbies are traveling,...

    Meet Hye Eun Jennifer
  • Yeonsoon Micheli Profile Photo Yeonsoon Micheli From: Korea, South

    Hello, everyone. Nice to e- meet you! My name is Yeonsoon and your Korean tutor! I graduated from a university located in Seoul with a BA in English. During my university years, I started teaching English to Korean students for several years and...

    Meet Yeonsoon
  • Mae Oh Profile Photo Mae Oh From: Korea, South

    Mae was born in Seoul and went to schools in Incheon, South Korea. She has a bachelor's degree in Korean language and literature, and a master’s in Psychology. She completed the training course for 'Teaching Korean as a second language' as...

    Meet Mae

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