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Misunn's Fun Facts

Teaching Experience
14 Years
Misunn has been teaching Korean as a second language since 2006.
Languages Spoken
2 Languages
In addition to being a native Korean speaker they also speak: English (Advanced)


Misunn was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and has 5 sisters and 1 brother. She studied Public Health. Upon graduation, she worked as an entrepreneur, growing a family business. Misunn is an avid reader, and enjoys classical music and learning new languages. She had taught courses at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina, and also has years experience as a professional Korean < > English interpreter and teacher in North Carolina and Maryland.

She is originally from Korea, South and currently resides in USA.

Her Current Time Zone is:
(GMT -5:00) America/New_York

She Can Teach These Specialized Courses:

She Can Teach The Following Age Groups:
Children, Adolescents, College, Adults

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