We started off as a brick & mortar language school, where students could experience true language immersion.

We started off as a brick & mortar language school, where students could experience true language immersion.

In our physical school language students from around the world had an opportunity to become totally immersed in the Spanish language for an extended period of time.

We worked for years to build a reputation for excellence, one that enabled us to open a thriving network of schools across the country.

But one thing would come up over and over again from our students...

They wished they could experience the same level of language immersion the comfort of home.

Which brings us to why we decided to start Live Lingua.

We wanted to give everybody, no matter where in the world they were located, access to first-class, private language lessons at an affordable price – and in a way that would fit seamlessly into their busy lives.

All in one place.

Meet our staff

Proudly family-owned and operated


Live Lingua has been chosen as one of the 15 Entrepreneur360™'s "Classics” in 2015 (the only education company to win an award in this category), for the dedication and focus to a customer-centric business model and charitable work.

Our goal is to bring the language immersion experience into everybody's home

Language immersion is when all of your senses are exposed to a new language.

In a physical language school even after lessons, students think, speak and write in the language - that's how they learn so quickly.

Their learning goes beyond comprehending the surface definition of words. It's about getting a deeper understanding of the underlying meaning of what people communicate to them.

We believe everyone should have a chance to learn another language and transform their lives, without being held back by lack of local opportunity to learn or financial constraints.

That's why we keep our pricing reasonable and bring the immersion experience to you.

Hand-picked tutor

A certified, native-speaking tutor hand-picked for you so you don't have to search through hundreds of profiles and guess.


All auditory and visual learning resources you need, so you can expose all of your senses to the language and learn fast.

Focused goals

Learn vocabulary specific to your goals; whether it's for work, teaching, travel or even as a priest.

Flexible scheduling

Lessons you can schedule around your life, where you can set the pace of your learning and follow a personalized curriculum.

Welcome to the best way to immerse yourself in a language

Without having to travel to a country it is spoken in.