Built From The Ground Up

An Online School Where They Know Your Name

In the modern world it seems like everywhere you look there is another multimillion dollar corporation in control. Gone are the corner stores where you knew the owners. Instead they have been run out of business by the big box store where nobody pays any attention to you. Live Lingua was started to fight that in the language learning world. We are not a website with tens of thousands of nameless students. We are not a software that does not know you. We are a boutique language school... online.

Story Of Our Founding

Live Lingua has grown into the world's premier online language school offering the total immersion experience online, but it came from humble beginnings. It was started by a Peace Corp Volunteer and his wife who was a language teacher who worked for the Peace Corps. After finishing their Peace Corps service he realized how important learning languages were to bring people together. He also learned the critical role total immersion had in really learning a language. Together with his wife they started a brick & mortar language school.

They worked for years to build the language school into one with a great reputation in their city and internationally. They even opened up other branches around the country with equal success. As time went by they started to hear their students regularly comment on how much they loved the language immersion experience that they had with them in their brick & mortar schools, but wished they could experience it back home. With that idea Live Lingua was born.

Over the next few years Live Lingua grew slowly but steadily. Our language students have come to us largely based on recommendations of friends or family that have had a great language learning experience with Live Lingua. But we are not done yet, and we are constantly improving both the academic and administrative aspects of our school to serve our students better.

The goal of Live Lingua is to bring the language immersion experience into everybody's home. We realize that most people do not have time to travel to another country for weeks or months to fully immerse themselves in the language and culture, so we have brought the language immersion experience to you. And we have done it all at an affordable cost. No need to pay the hefty fees of your local language schools, or the outrageous sums charged by other online language services and software. We want to make the dream of learning another language a reality for everyone!

- Laura & Ray